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About Us

Our Story

Our history starts back in 2016 when the drug reform think-tank Volteface was formed. Funded via philanthropic donation, Volteface focused on bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas to the drug reform debate.

Volteface boldly stepped outside of the traditional ‘left leaning’ drug policy narrative and used the media to highlight new framing - focused on gaining support from groups who have traditionally opposed reform.

In 2018 Volteface ran an exceptionally impactful campaign highlighting the need for medical cannabis legalisation in the UK. This campaign along with the tireless campaigning and work of others in the advocacy sector led to the UK government rescheduling cannabis.

With cannabis legalised for medical use in the UK the Volteface team spent 18 months continuing writing four policy reports (two of which made frontpage news) and organised a study trip to Canada with three MPs - a trip which the BBC filmed and led to 48 hours of news coverage on cannabis legalisation.

As the legal medical cannabis sector continued to grow and develop the Volteface team began to receive more requests for commercial services - particularly considering their expertise with the media, government and campaigning. In late 2021 Volteface Strategy was created - a commercial vehicle created to provide communications services to companies who operate in complex areas of policy and politics.

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